A love of home, that is what rests at the heart of Ballyreagh House Collection.

Together, as mother and son, we have worked tirelessly to breathe life and character back into a house woven not only into the fabric of the townland to which it gives its name but also into our own family history.

Passed from grandfather to grandson, Ballyreagh House is a rich tapestry of materials, craftsmanship, and treasures brought together over the past decade to create the traditional farmhouse and home that stands today. Our Collection reflects everything we have learned and loved from this journey, and we are thrilled to share it with you.

We believe passionately that the places we call home should be as unique and wonderful as the people who live there, and we have searched both near and far for storied antiques and the most marvellous objects and curiosities that sing with personality. Ballyreagh House is bursting with pieces that speak to our memories, and through our Collection, we hope to help you achieve the same.

We value quality above all else and champion craftsmanship and only the finest natural materials. The spaces beyond our four walls are just as important to us, so we choose to work with suppliers who share our love for nature and commitment to helping protect it. From architectural antiques and heritage landscaping suppliers to seasonal blooms and handmade pots for them to reside in, our Collection has been curated to hero outdoor rooms alongside indoor spaces.

We are a small team but on hand should you have any questions or need support sourcing something special for your home.

Shop the Ballyreagh House Collection or visit us on location Fridays and Saturdays. We so look forward to welcoming you.

Charlie & Karen.