Københavner Castle Pot & Saucer


Introducing the Copenhagen Castle Pot – inspired by a pot made at the royal Danish castle of Fredensborg back in 1860. Though originally produced in Copenhagen by smaller potters, over time production shifted to plastic pots which rose in popularity in the 1960s. However, Steffen Berg drew inspiration from this old, royal pot years ago in a former nursery, and today we still handcraft this exquisite pot in a tiny village near Lucca in Tuscany.

Bergs Potter take great pride in our unique glazing technique that lavishly saturates each pot with vivid colour, accentuating the nuances between our different types of pots. Each pot, jar, and vase receives individual attention and is glazed traditionally, by hand. Our Glazed by Bergs pots are not only durable but also made to last for generations to come, and will always express a classic quality that never fades.

The Copenhagen Castle Pot is available in several colours, shapes, and sizes, providing you with the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your space.